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PAM is here for YOU.

When you become a member of the
Presbyterian Association of Musicians, you get...

  • A one year subscription to Call to Worship: Liturgy, Music, Preaching and the Arts
  • The opportunity to pursue professional certification in the PC(USA) [Regular and Senior members]
  • The ability to post open music and worship positions on the PAM website [Institutional members]
  • The opportunity to network with professional colleagues within the church musician community
  • An advocate within the PC(USA) Center and the national church
But so much more than what you get,
you take part in making these things happen...
  • Conferences on worship and music that are recognized as among the strongest available
  • Scholarships for children, youth, college students, seminary students, and other adults to attend worship & music conferences
  • Provision of Seed Money Grants for worship and music events sponsored and led by PAM members
  • Co-publication of Call to Worship: Liturgy, Music, Preaching, and the Arts with the PC(USA) Office of Theology and Worship
  • Consultation with national leaders on issues of employment in the church
  • Representation on the Presbyterian Committee on Congregational Song
  • Development of print and online resources for churches, church musicians, and worship leaders
  • Sponsorship of the PAM Choral Anthem Series, published by MorningStar Music Publishers
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Membership Classification   Annual Dues

Institutional Member

Designed for churches and those employing church musicians. Institutional members may advertise open worship and music positions on the PAM website. Institutional members receive one subscription to Call to Worship. This subscription is sent to the Institutional Member, regardless of changes in personnel.



Regular Member

A non-transferable membership connected to a single person. Individual members are eligible to pursue PAM Professional Certification. If a Regular Member changes employment during the year, the membership goes with her/him.


Senior Member (aged 65 and older)

Adult members aged 65 or older. Includes all benefits of regular membership.


Student Member

For individuals currently enrolled as full-time students at the undergraduate or graduate level


Sustaining Member

Any member who contributes beyond her/his membership dues level for the benefit of PAM. Any amount above the $97 regular membership fee is fully tax deductible.

  $150 or above



Our annual membership renewal date is July 1. New members joining on or after January 1 will receive an active membership until July 1 of the following year. All registered adult and young adult participants at our Montreat and Mo-Ranch/PAM conferences on worship and music automatically receive an active membership to PAM beginning July 1 of the conference year.

PAM Membership Includes:

  • Conferences on Worship and Music News and Brochures
    Every PAM member receives brochures for PAM conferences as soon as they are received from the printer. This is especially beneficial to those wishing to register early to take advantage of Early-Bird registration rates and class availability
  • Job Listings (Institutional Members Only) (formerly known as the Referral Service)
    Institutional Members may advertise their music and worship position openings on our online job listing page.
  • Certification
    Regular and Senior members are eligible to pursue PAM Professional Certification. PAM awards certification to church musicians at three levels, all recognized in the PC(USA) Book of Order. These levels of certification are:
         • Certified Church Musician
         • Certified Associate Church Musician
         • Certified Colleague in Church Music
  • Publications
    Call to Worship
    Both scholarly and practical, Call to Worship is a quarterly journal recognized for its outstanding quality and depth in topics related to worship and music. It is available both in print and online. The first volume each year (available in early Fall) contains valuable lectionary aids for the entire year.
    PAM Newsletter
    Published three times a year, this electronic publication offers information of national and regional interest to the membership.
    PAM Resource booklets
    PAM publishes four resource booklets with practical assistance for churches, church musicians, pastors, sessions, and congregations. These booklets are available for purchase through the National Office, or by free PDF download from the PAM website. Current titles are:
         • Guidelines for the Employment of Church Musicians in Presbyterian Churches
         • Professional Conduct in Adversity: A Guide for Musicians
         • Suggested Resources in Church Music and Related Fields
         • Wedding and Funeral Music
    Other titles are in development
  • Getting Connected
    Join our Facebook page to follow current news of PAM and our leadership. Engage in conversations about current topics important to church musicians. Ask questions of your leaders. We look forward to hearing from you.
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